UTG Tactical W/E Adjustable Green Laser Sight with Integral Mounting Deck

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Daylight sighting made easier with the UTG Tactical W/E Adjustable Green Laser Sight. Versatile mounting and operation capabilities for a variety of uses thanks to the integrated tactical Picatinny mount, twist-on, push-button and remote pressure switch triple on/off systems. Featuring a TS-rated laser with precise and wide range windage and elevation adjustments.

WARNING: Avoid direct eye exposure to lasers.

WARNING: Follow battery safety procedures when you use your light or laser. Leaving operating lights in gun cases or any areas with minimal heat dissipation will cause overheating and battery explosion. Always make sure your light is off and will not be accidentally turned on during storage or transportation.

*Firearm not included.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

UTG Tactical Green Laser Sight
TS Rated Laser with Precise and Wide Range Windage and Elevation Adjustments
Twist-on, Push-Button and Remote Pressure Switch Triple on/off Systems
Material: Aluminum
Switch Operating Type: Push-button Momentary/Twist-on Permanent Switch
Laser Control & Adjustment: TS & 3Points
Laser Beam Movement: 96cm @ 10m
Laser Type: Class 3R
Laser Output Power: 2.5-4mW
Laser Wavelength: 530-540nm
Laser Beam Diameter: 10-12mm@15m
Laser Battery Operating Time: 480mins
Laser Battery Type: CR123A Lithium Battery X1
Laser Range: 1000m est.
Laser Life Time: 3000hrs est.
Pressure Switch Included
Weight with Battery: 7.1 oz
Diameter: 0.76"
Length: 4.76"
Color: Black


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