Homak Electronic Pistol Vault (Small)

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Secure and convenient storage for your firearms and other valuables. With it’s unique electronic keypad, access is easy even in low-light environments making it an excellent choice for secure bedside storage.

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Weight 7 lbs

Patented Homak Design
Solid Welded Construction
Electronic Locking System
Quick access Keypad
Size allows multiple mounting options
Industry's toughest finish: Powder-Coated Epoxy
Security lockout for 15 minutes after 3 wrong code entires
Able to be programmed to a personal code
Constructed of heavy 1.5 mm steel
Electronic keypad operates with 4 AA batteries
Piano Hinge on door
Safely secures firearms, ammo, and other valuables
Can be mounted inside a closet, drawer, or vehicle
9 Volt battery backup entry
Can be mounted on top of one another for maximum storage
Dimensions: 10"x3.5"x7.5"


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