Law Enforcement

Police Tactical Gear

In a split-decision situation, you never want to question the reliability of your police tactical gear. From head-to-toe, Vortex Defense has safety personnel covered with the best police equipment & supplies online. Our lineup of security police accessories includes:

  • Firearm holsters
  • Baton holders
  • Tactical duty belts
  • Handcuff cases
  • Magazine pouches
  • Hydration packs
  • Tactical vests
  • Transport packs
  • Protective eyewear
  • Multi-tools
  • Pistol-stabilizing brace kits

Our police tactical gear comes from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business. As an authorized dealer of Drago Gear, Fox Outdoor Products, and many others, customers know that when they shop with us, they’re getting high-quality products that can hold up to years of service.