Tactical Forends

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Showing all 5 results

Rifle Foregrips

Rifle grips are an inexpensive way to improve the accuracy of your shots. Tactical AR grips have been found to be particularly helpful at providing more control when you’re squeezing off rapid fire shots at multiple targets. They can also give you a frame of reference for hand placement on the gun and serve as a spot for carrying extra accessories.

Vertical tactical foregrips are designed to allow shooters to fire a rifle from around corners and other odd angles. Another tactical purpose of rifle grips is giving the user a better hold on the firearm if it needs to be used for blunt force. An angled grip provides an ergonomic design to help improve speed, accuracy and comfort in virtually any shooting situation.

This simple yet effective accessory can be made to work with a variety of rifles and shotguns. If you are new to rifle foregrips start with something basic to see how it feels then step it up to an advanced forend with a tri-rail system for adding lights, lasers and more.