Storage Safes & Locks

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Handgun Safes

Safety should be put above all else when handling and storing firearms. That’s why we carry a variety of gun locks and small safes that can store your firearm and other valuables. These small gun safes will also keep firearms out of the hands of children as well as intruders. We have options for:

  • Traveling – War Chest hard cases are a secure way of transporting your firearms
  • Concealment – Homak discreet safes look like ordinary objects
  • Easy Access – Homak electronic pistol safes have a push button pad that makes it easy to access even in the dark

If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the right gun safes, our customer service team can help. Contact us today!

Pistol Safes You Can Count On

When it comes to handgun safes, only the best will do. At Vortex Defense, we are an authorized dealer of the top brands in the firearms business. Each safe and gun lock uses high-quality, rock solid materials like heavy duty steel and ABS molded plastic that can be relied upon to keep firearms safely stored.

Right now, we’re offering FREE shipping on orders of $149 or more, as well as discounts for military and law enforcement personnel. These are just a few ways that we’re helping our customers save on superior handgun safes!