Water Filtration & Hydration

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Buy Hydration Packs & Water Bladder Tanks Online

Except for air, which you can go without for just a few minutes, water is the next most important requirement for survival. Our water filtration/hydration category consists of items you’ll need to deliver the capability of staying hydrated in the field and consists of high-quality Renovo portable water filters, 3V Gear water bladders, and hydration packs from Drago Gear.

One of the finest survival water filters available anywhere, the Renovo Trio, is a 3-stage filter capable of filtering down to an unbelievable 0.05 microns, removing protozoa/bacteria and greatly reducing viruses, heavy metals, and dangerous chemicals. It can be used in-line with water bladder tanks, attached to or inserted into a water bottle, or simply used as a straw!

Our selection of Drago Gear backpacks includes units that are water bladder compatible, as well as complete hydration packs that incorporate a 2.5-liter water bladder. This Drago Gear equipment is made from tough 600D polyester and is lightweight and durable. As always, any orders totaling more than $149 include FREE shipping, and military and law enforcement personnel are eligible for a special discount!