We are proud to support the Cell Phones for Soliders program

Cell Phones for Soldiers Mission:

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing deployed and returning troops cost-free methods to communicate with family while serving in the United States military. 

Cell Phones for Soldiers Fast Facts:

Since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers...
  • Raised more than $7 million and provided more than 150 million minutes of free talk time
  • Mails approximately 12,000 calling cards each week
  • Recycled more than 10 million cell phones, reducing the impact on landfills
  • Anticipates the launch of a new program, Helping Heroes Home, to provide emergency funds for returning Veterans to alleviate communication challenges as well as physical, emotional and assimilation hardships.
  • Has remained a family-run, non-profit organization operated almost exclusively by Bob, Gail, Brittany, Robbie and Courtney Bergquist.
*Information from cellphonesforsoldiers.com. For more program information, please visit cellphonesforsoldiers.com.